I Have Gas…

Another Web 2.0 innovation, for those of us infuriated about endlessly rising gas prices. gas-pump.jpg provides you with the latest gas prices at your neighborhood gas stations. You simply enter your zip code or hometown, and a list and a map pops up with the lowest to highest gas prices and the locations of local service stations. When I used it today, gas prices in my region ranged from a low of $3.30 to a high of $3.79, for Regular gas. That’s quite a difference, and for anyone penny-pinching the gas thing these days, this website (and others like it) is a godsend. Because it’s a Web 2.0 site, it depends on “user-generated” content, meaning real-time and updated contributions from its members. So far, gaswatch has 163,000 “member spotters,” and 409,000 prices were entered onto the website this week.

Gaswatch also identifies those prices that are less than 12 hours old with a green gas tank, prices less than 24 hours old with an orange rank, and prices that are more than 24 hours old with a red tank.

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