Presenting to Non-Profits

I recently attended a breakfast meeting called the Executive Roundtable for Non-Profits in Westchester County, a small group of professionals representing such non-profits here as the American Red Cross, the Greyston Foundation, several hospitals, and several independent public relations/marketing professionals. They were a friendly group fascinated at how non-profits nationwide are using social media with great success. There were lots of good questions, and I was especially impressed with how the local chapter of the Red Cross is reaching out via social media.

As I’ve mentioned here before, there’s a huge learning curve when it comes to using social media, and that continues. But I’ve seen the interest and experience literally explode in the last two years. And this group was no exception. While most in the room had personal Facebook pages, at least one person did not. Had I met with the same group three years ago, it would have been a completely different picture. At any rate, here’s my presentation from the breakfast meeting.

Non Profits and Social Media

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