How to Use RSS Feeds: Be Entitled

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Here’s a very old article I wrote for eHow on using RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds to monitor the news, your favorite websites and blogs, and to just be entitled enough to expect to be “fed” your daily dose of information and news. Like me.

I still get asked the question (what’s RSS) often enough that I think it’s worth repeating the explanation.

How to Use RSS Feeds |


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How Private Independent Schools Use Social Media

Shane Haggerty, a school PR colleague and blogger from the fine state of Ohio, recently interviewed Jesse Bardo, executive director of EdSocialMedia, the group organized to represent private independent schools and their efforts to use social media to promote their schools to alumni, prospective students and the public. Shane, who does public relations for the Ohio Hi-Point Schools, asked Bardo how private schools manage their presence online and discussed the dramatic growth of EdSocialMedia into a clearinghouse for information about using Facebook, Twitter and other tools on the web. You can check out the video at the link below. I’m also providing you with a screenshot of Northfield Mount Hermon private school’s NMHBook, an aggregator of that school’s social media feeds and a fine example of what public schools ought to be doing. NMH was Bardo’s former place of employment before he was named to the EdSocialMedia position.

Social Media | An interview with Jesse Bardo, Part I.

NMH Book:

An Interesting Twitter Development…

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OK — this is interesting.

I’m not much of a Twitter user, sending Tweets there a few times a week and scanning the people and groups I follow (Grammar Girl, PROpen Mic, MakeUseOf and a few others) for interesting article and posting ideas.
But last night, I decided to search for Twitterers to follow. My first addition was Barack Obama, who I thought would be a great friend to have on Twitter. Sure enough — less than an hour later, “he” was following me. Or his campaign people were following me, anyway.
This morning, I woke up, signed on to my email account, and saw a notice that Obama Girl was now following me on Twitter. OK — that makes sense. A bit unusual, but now I’m following her as well.

But then — by lunchtime, SarahPalinFeed was following me. Now how the heck did that happen? Somehow, I felt violated.

The beauty of Twitter is that you don’t have to follow someone back.

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Swurl — Your Online Presence

For anyone who’s a Web 2.0 junkie like myself, Swurl is another tool that allows you (nay, encourages you) to follow yourself and your online presence — all on one page. But it’s not just about vanity, folks. It’s also a great tool that provides you with quick links to all your web places — Facebook, blogs, Twitters and more. Swurl gives you two ways to view all your web entries — in list form, which looks like a bookmarking site, or in a cool timeline view. You can see mine here:

Every item is in the small box next to the date, and direct links to those items are in blue. Check it out and see if it works for you.

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NSPRA Website

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Carol Mowen of NSPRA sent me a Facebook post to let us all know that the new NSPRA website will be available at its old URL in a couple of days, after some testing. So you can find it right now at the link I provided in my earlier post, then it will revert back to the old website address. I guess I should start packing…

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Using RSS Feeds

I just wrote a how-to article for eHow about RSS feeds, which provide Web users with a simple way of storing and finding their favorite websites and blogs. You no longer have to depend on your browser’s bookmarking tool, which gets clumsy and disorganized. What’s more, by using web-based RSS readers like iGoogle or Pageflakes, your favorite feeds (which are updated for you) can be read from any computer.

Take a look at my eHow article, which provides you with step-by-step instructions.

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What is Social Media?

I found an interesting eBook, “What is Social Media,” that’s worth reading when you have time for 40 pages. The good news is that you can come here anytime you want to catch up on your summer reading. It’s a well-organized and easy-to-read guide to the basics — blogs, Youtube, Digg, Delicious, and more. Once you read it, you’ll understand all those crazy terms that have been leaving you behind in the dust!

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